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Dear Whoever Wrote This Story,

I believe the bar has been around since the early 1500 My grandfather used to tell me stories about playing poker in the basement for pretty high stakes. Poker was very illegal back then, https://www.kamagrasydney.nu so he was bit of an outlaw I think. He said that he had to shoot nearly a dozen men for cheating. You were actually allowed to kill anyone for cheating at cards back then. Eventually they had to seal up the basement and put a stop to all the gambling.

My grandfather also told me that any man shot for cheating at cards in the basement was buried beneath the floorboards with a trap door to access the pit. It became haunted, and has been ever since. Probably a good thing it is going to be demolished. Ghosts are very scary, kamagra sydney and probably are the ones that set the place on fire. You, and other people on here hoping to make a name for yourselves, diminish the worthiness of this top quality blog for our beloved community, which is know as Claycord. You not impressing any of us, just representing the low quality person you really are.

RECENT COMMENTS:Cowellian on Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff Dies While Trying to Save Drowning Man in Lake TahoeGreater love has no one than this, . . . The speed limits in this state are archaic, need to be

Aspirin on Claycord Talk About PoliticsReligion in politics is the GOP stock in trade.kamagrasydney  I cringe when a politician prostitutes his or her religion as a qualification for office. Jesus’

Mary on Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff Dies While Trying to Save Drowning Man in Lake TahoeSo very sad to hear this. I never met this young man, he worked at the main jail, but the news hurts just the same.

MrDioji on The Water Cooler MPH Over the Limit9 over on highways. Like 5 over in a 35 or 40. I go 20 25 in neighborhoods. If traffic is faster than 9 over on the

Kamagra gold 100mg
Kamagra gold 100mg

Jess on Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff Dies While Trying to Save Drowning Man in Lake TahoeHow very sad to read this bit of news this morning. Thank you Carlos for putting yourself above others and attempting to rescue someone in

thx4youropinion on Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff Dies While Trying to Save Drowning Man in Lake TahoeMy sympathies to the family, friends and colleagues of Deputy Carlos Francies.

Aspirin on Claycord Talk About PoliticsNot surprised that right wing fanatics would blame the Democrats for the pollution tragedy in Colorado. Never mind that the GOP has been trying to

Bird lover on Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff Dies While Trying to Save Drowning Man in Lake TahoeThis man was a true hero who lost his life for another! I am so sad for his family, coworkers and friends!

Aspirin on Claycord Talk About PoliticsTwo interesting factoids in today’s Times: Congress approval level is 14% and for the first time ever 90% of Californians have health insurance. Think about

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Kamagra Tablets 100mg

Laughing too Hard on The Water Cooler MPH Over the LimitIt’s always funny that all of the “model citizens” comment on these things like “I never speed, I always go the speed limit”. I always

DMZ on Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff Dies While Trying to Save Drowning Man in Lake TahoeGod Bless him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sildenafil God Bless his family friends. He was a True Hero. Why am I not surprised? Get a life.

Parking Sucks! on Governor Signs Bonilla’s Legislation Addressing Problems for Local Cities and CountiesI used to have to park in that exact garage, every single day. It was a nightmare. So bad that employees late for work would

anon on Governor Signs Bonilla’s Legislation Addressing Problems for Local Cities and CountiesSmall claims court is the onlyl way they can collect

Jeremy on Bureau of Automotive Repair Conducting Random Exhaust Emission Surveys on Ygnacio Valley Rd.kamagra sydney  in ConcordWhat a complete waste of tax payers money!!!

Tonic on Governor Signs Bonilla’s Legislation Addressing Problems for Local Cities and CountiesYes it is working in Walnut Creek, kamagrasydney I stopped going there completely a couple of years ago to help them with their parking woes. Keep

Mike Sabah on Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff Dies While Trying to Save Drowning Man in Lake TahoeThoughts go out to his family and friends. Our community lost what proved to be a hero giving the ultimate sacrifice as he gave his

Johnny Doe on Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff Dies While Trying to Save Drowning Man in Lake TahoeMy condolences to both CoCo County Sheriffs and the family for their loss. RiP Deputy.

valiii on The Water Cooler MPH Over the LimitI got a ticket for going 69mph on the 24 freeway!https://www.kamagrasydney.nu  (Is it true that the CHP office has a contest going to see who

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Oregon governor candidates spar in only TV debate Asked why he should be elected governor again, Buykamagraaustralia after serving eight years previously, Kitzhaber said that in light of the current economic crisis facing the state, https://www.buykamagraaustralia.nu we need a governor with experience, who shares the values of Oregonians.Jobs and the economyKitzhaber said Dudley would give a huge tax cut primarily to the wealthiest Oregonians that would do nothing to benefit the majority of middle class Oregonians. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sildenafil Dudley said what distinguished him from Kitzhaber is that Kitzhaber believes government and politicians create jobs , whereas Dudley said he believed the private sector and businesses create jobs.Kamagra AustraliaTax overhaulKitzhaber said Oregon suffered from an over reliance on an income based tax system.

Kamagra Australia
Kamagra Australia

I personally believe we have got to diversify our tax base, saying it s a discussion we can no longer avoid. Buykamagraaustralia Kitzhaber replied that Dudley indeed had a younger face but was selling old ideas that he said came right out of the George Bush era: $800,000 in tax breaks, primarily for the rich, that have no real value for middle class Oregonians.Campaigning and debatesOn the topic of campaigning, https://www.buykamagraaustralia.nu Dudley criticized Kitzhaber and accused him of negative campaigning. Kitzhaber responded by saying Dudley had spent $3 million on TV ads but had only agreed to one televised debate. He then invited Dudley to join him at the City Club debate the following week. And mankind contributes. How much? I don’t know. He said it made sense for Oregon and the country to strive to be self sufficient and focus on points of agreement.Dudley called the questions unfair, Buy Kamagra Sydney and noted that he paid $400,000 in taxes in Oregon, and was taxed on every basketball game he played in Oregon.

Buy Kamagra Sydney
Buy Kamagra Sydney

He said the bigger issue is that taxes matter and Oregon needs to re examine how it taxes its residents.Buykamagraaustralia Dudley’s campaign has raised $5.6 million as of Tuesday, more than double the $2.6 million in contributions reported by Kitzhaber.Dudley promised to cut business taxes, restrain state spending and preserve the kicker rebates to taxpayers when tax collections are well above estimates. https://www.buykamagraaustralia.nu He said he’d do more to develop natural resources.Kitzhaber has called for drastic system changes in the way the state government does business, such as budgeting as much as 10 years out and putting all education activities in one agency. Kamagra Sydney Dudley has been a financial consultant since retiring from the NBA in 2003 after 16 years, including six years with the Portland Trail Blazers.

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The awards will be presented at the fourth annual Wisconsin Watchdog Awards Dinner in Madison on April 23. Kamagraaustralia The event is presented jointly by the Council, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, https://www.kamagraaustralia.net and the Madison Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.Political Openness Award (“Popee”): Dan Ault. Throughout the state, dozens of law enforcement agencies are withholding basic information like names and ages from accident reports, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sildenafil under an overzealous interpretation of a federal court ruling. Ault, the police chief of Oconto in northeast Wisconsin, this summer bucked the trend and began providing fuller disclosure. “It’s just common sense,” Ault said. And it’s about time other officials started following his lead. Kamagra Jelly Australia Citizen Openness Award (“Copee”): Becky Kostopolus and Marilyn Bartelt.

Kamagra Jelly Australia
Kamagra Jelly Australia

Kostopolus, a mother in Appleton, complained to the school district about teachers who posted inappropriate comments about her son. Kamagraaustralia District officials wouldn’t say what if any action they took in response, so Bartelt, the boy’s grandmother, requested disciplinary records for seven educators. When the request was denied, she sued, with the help of attorney April Barker. In February, a judge ordered the records released.Media Openness Award (“Mopee”): Ellen Gabler and Allan James Vestal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. https://www.kamagraaustralia.net Reporter Gabler and news applications developer Vestal documented gaping disparities and delays in a common genetic test given to newborns, resulting in preventable disability and even death. The pair fought to obtain records from about 30 states, then worked to analyze and present the data. The “Deadly Delays” series, also involving reporters Mark Johnson and John Fauber and photojournalist Kristyna Wentz Graff, spurred congressional action and individual state reforms.Open Records Scoop of the Year (“Scoopee”): David Wahlberg, Kamagra Gel Australia Wisconsin State Journal. This seasoned reporter culled public records and created his own database to expose the lax treatment by the state medical examining board of physicians.

Kamagra Gel Australia
Kamagra Gel Australia

Wahlberg found cases involving serious injury and even deaths that drew mere reprimands. Kamagraaustralia The series, “Doctor Discipline,” led to changes in practice and promises of further reform.Whistleblower of the Year: David Salkin. When this Milwaukee property owner learned that the bad tenants who rented space from him for a store were undercover federal agents, he contacted the press. https://www.kamagraaustralia.net The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s year long investigation exposed a series of failures and rogue tactics that put the community at risk, prompting a federal investigation and congressional hearings.No Friend of Openness Award (“Nopee”): Sen. Glenn Grothman. As noted above, there was no shortage of attacks this year on the public’s right to know by members of the Legislature. But Grothman, R West Bend, took top honors for sponsoring a bill to end the requirement that political campaigns disclose the principal employer of major donors, Kamagra Australia and another bill to purge information from the state’s online court records system.